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Development of an AR remote assistant platform

Development of an AR remote assistant platform

Project description:

 A turnkey solution – a platform including a user/expert personal account, with the ability to add new procedures and with a help desk system module where user requests will be closed, as well as the AR headset software.

 The software package allows for remote maintenance and employee consultations using advanced augmented reality technology to solve problems faster and more efficiently with the ability to display the desired information on the user’s screen, as well as to mark the desired area in three dimensions or to create step-by-step operations.

  • Executing a sequence of actions according to instructions
  • Ability to connect a remote expert with video/audio communication
  • Real-time visualization of prompts


Supported devices:
  • AR glasses
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets


Object detection capabilities in three-dimensional space:


  1. Tracking by graphical mark
    AR headset or mobile device detects a mark to which the coordinates of the desired objects are subsequently attached
  2. Neural network training for object detection
    Suitable for complex objects with size starting from 5 sq. cm.
Support for AR devices and their capabilities:


Microsoft Hololens 2

Epson Moverio

Smartphone or tablet

Audio/video transmission + + +
User position detection + +
Ability to place a mark or todraw in 3D space by the administrator on the user’s screen + +
Initialization of an object on the user device + +
Display and confirmation of the action sequence + + +